We want PPC to fail us once
Leave all complexities of PPC such as automated or manual search management, click quality or fraud, intent identification or classification, account structuring best practices, keyword and ad copy inventory or relevance or interplay, keyword optimization or analysis, paid or organic algorithm, index coverage or inclusion, keyword positioning or frequency or density, content or link velocity and so on..

Perhaps the list is not endless but few 100's of combinations and factors taken into account while formulating a customize search strategy for your business. Speak to us and we will walk you through our Search Marketing SWOT Analysis to cut through the noise and complexities.

Our advice please do refrain from joining the elite club of "we want search to fail least for once" unfortunately we and probably several others joined but are yet to see any ray of hope.

We at Metier are hungry and willing to showcase how search can benefit your brand and your product portfolio.

Our PPC solutions comprises (but not limited to).

Desktop and mobile search, enhanced site-links, site-link extensions, location extensions, call extensions, social extensions, video extensions, product extensions and product lists, dynamic search ads, search companion ads, remarketing and affinity segments
Simply put all this will translate to a COA matrix on all your PPC spends..