We’re growing, come grow with us

It feels like only yesterday that we were a start-up challenging the norms of the digital world. We’ve come a long way since and today we’re servicing some of the largest names in the financial world. We can’t predict the future but we’re growing every day and you could be part of this growth!

Positions Open

Content Writer


Sr. SEO executive


Trainee digital Executive


Graphic Designer


Why work with us

It’s true we don’t have free lunches or bean bags in an uber-cool office. Instead we have impromptu laughing sessions that make others wonder what we do all day, rounds of applause for people singing with their headphones on & brainstorming sessions that seem like conversations over coffee.

If you choose to be a part of Métier Media, you choose to be part of a fun-loving, hardworking and supportive team that is focused on growth, both for the company and for individuals.

What you can expect

A three course meal for the brave

Most of our employees have ‘hard’ for breakfast, ‘impossible’ for lunch and quick a trouble-shooting session for tea. It’s a diet that’s turned newbies into hardened SEO warriors ready to brave the digital world.

Freedom to express your ideas

An idea is an idea, no matter who it comes from. We believe that everyone’s opinions matter and that some of the best things stem from the simplest of ideas. That’s why we give everyone an equal opportunity to voice their opinion and have their ideas heard.

Angelina & Brad Pitt as regular visitors

This isn’t true. We’re actually just checking if you’re really reading this. It’s actually proof of how we blend wit with work.

All hands on deck

When we work on a project, we work together as a team. We believe you can achieve so much when you work together. P.S: Sharing the blame is an added advantage of working in a team. If you’ve read right till the bottom, we think you’re someone with a bright future. Do leave us your number so we can discuss your possibilities.